Source: Microsoft

The last few months have provided a steady trickle of information about the next Xbox console — or the Xbox Series X, as it’s known.

We know what it looks like. We know a lot about what’s inside. We know about more than a dozen titles currently being built for it.

One thing we didn’t know was when it’d actually hit the shelves. Microsoft had said it’d be ready by the holidays, but held off on getting much more specific than that. Today they’re tightening up that launch window a bit: it’ll ship sometime in November, says the company.

Microsoft doesn’t say exactly when in November, so they’ve still got some wiggle room on the exact launch date. But it’s better than the big ol’ three-month window we knew about previously!

This news comes almost simultaneously with word that 343 Industries would be delaying the launch of Halo Infinite until 2021 “to deliver a Halo game experience that meets [343’s] vision.”

The next-gen Xbox will ship in November