Servers & Storage


This is where 7 Server Solutions excels. We offer the right Product, the right Solution at the right Price. Purchasing a Server and Server Solution for your business is and should be a tough decision. There is many attributes and nuances to take into account. Let us be your trusted adviser from a Single Server purchase to a large Server Cluster. We will help customize the system to achieve Your Business’ Needs and help you understand your ROI.


Today’s systems are powerful. Powerful enough to take 5 or more physical Legacy systems and/or applications and run them from one bare metal device. Does your company currently have a server for each individual Application? This can be difficult to manage and support. By removing the hardware dependency on these servers you increase manageability, reliability, and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

IT Storage – Archive, Disaster Recovery:

Decisions, decisions. Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, De-duplication, Onsite, Snapshots, File-Level Recovery, ISCI, Fibre-Channel, RAID level, SAN, NAS, SAS, SSD. These are all terms that you will come across during your Storage Solution research. 7 Server Solutions can you help you understand and provide you with the right solution for your Data Archive Solution. Whether it’s 10gb to 2pb, we can offer you a Scalable, Reliable, Manageable Solution.

Server Cluster (Blade Computing) – VDI, Private Cloud, DAAS, Application:

Many-to-Many Computing can now be achieved as One-to-Many Computing thanks to Software Defined Solutions. Some of these Solution requires powerful processing and large amounts of memory which can be achieved in small footprints within your datacenter. 7 Server Solutions can work with you to determine the density of your cluster and how it needs to be scaled to deliver maximum performance while increasing ROI.

Hyper Converged Storage & Infrastructure – HA, VDI, Cloud, IAAS

Hyper–convergence (hyperconvergence) is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources and other technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.