Power and Cooling


7SS offers and provides high quality, high availability Power and Cooling Solutions to protect Your Business and Investments. We have solutions for small-scale Wiring Rooms to full-scale Data Centers and everything in between. Feel free to contact us today. Sales@7serversolutions.com – 234-808-4256

Small-Medium Data Center

Right-size to your current business requirements for minimum operating expenses and highest efficiency
Integrated data center solutions in the IT room and the facility that are the fastest and easiest to plan and deploy
Standardized, scalable architecture to allow for easy “step and repeat” growth as the business demand changes

Small Office – Branch Office

Protect your investment and ensure uptime for Servers, Network Hardware, Phone Systems, and Storage Devices.
Scalable SMB products give you the ability to choose from have Minutes of available power to Hours of system availiblity.

N+1, also called parallel redundancy, is a safeguard to ensure that an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is always available. N+1 stands for the number of UPS modules that are required to handle an adequate supply of power for essential connected systems, plus one more.

If an enterprise data center uses a single large UPS, and that module fails, systems will be disrupted. In an N+1 scheme, multiple small UPS modules and batteries are integrated together. During normal operations, the load is shared equally across all modules, which behave as if they were a single large UPS device. If a single module fails or needs to be taken offline for service, the UPS system will still be able to provide an adequate supply of power because it’s already been configured with one extra module.

When N+1 is used for redundancy, the UPS modules should be sized so that the total anticipated load can be carried by three modules. The benefits of N+1 diminish after that point.


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