Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams is down.

Perfect timing, as some might say, given that pretty much everyone who uses Microsoft Teams who can work from home is currently not working at all.

The technology giant left a cryptic message — which at least is more than its users can do right now — on Twitter, stating that it’s “received reports that impact associated with TM206544 is ongoing.”

“We’re investigating the issue,” said Microsoft.

A lot of workers are staying at home because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Countries are shutting borders, entire industries are struggling, the U.S. Federal Reserve has slashed interest rates, and governments are scrambling to protect their populations by asking millions to stay at home.

Suffice to say, a Microsoft Teams outage right now is not exactly helpful.

It’s Microsoft Team’s second outage in as many months after the software giant forgot to renew a TLS (HTTPS) certificate, forcing the service offline and users unable to communicate with colleagues for hours.

Microsoft Teams goes down — just as everyone starts working from home