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Good morning and welcome back to TechCrunch’s Equity Monday, a jumpstart for your week.

Regular Equity episodes still drop each and every Friday morning, so if you’ve listened to the show over the years, don’t worry — we’re only adding to the mix. You can catch last week’s show with Danny Crichton and Natasha Mascarenhas right here if you haven’t yet.

Unlike some weeks when the weekend’s crop of news and thought runs fallow, our recent interlude was stuffed with things to talk about:

  • Sequoia China and Starbucks are tying up, which is especially notable after the Luckin Coffee story came crashing back to Earth.
  • A survey concerning UK startups showed cracks in the EU’s largest startup market, measured by VC activity.
  • It’s earnings week, with everyone from Apple to Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify and Tesla reporting. Strap in for the busy week. It’s going to be a lot, but should help us figure out what has been going on in the stock market.
  • Codota raised $12 million, and we think that its product is neat.
  • A new pre-seed/seed fund has raised €50 million in fresh capital, which is notable given the global economic slowdown.

And then, finally, this essay from Founder’s Fund John Luttig, which I encourage you to read. It’s something that everyone is reading, and thus you must even if you don’t want to. We chat about it on the show, but read it yourself anyways. If it’s right, we’re in for a sea change in the startup world. For good, or at least until there’s a new leap forward in tech or technology product distribution. (You can read more on the idea of a SaaS slowdown here.)

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Equity Monday: Startups run low on cash, and why some Internet tailwinds are fading