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Server Room

Secure and Organize your Business Servers, Storage, Switches and UPS units.

3110-3-001-22 : 22U Server Cabinet - 3110 Series : Isometric View3100-3-001-42 : 42U Server Cabinet - 3100 Series : Isometric View3130-3-001-06 : 6U Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet : Isometric View

Data Center

Scalable and adaptable data center physical Infrastructure, that enable you to closely match business needs with your IT capabilities.


Technical Furniture

7100-1-100-48 : 48" Performance Plus Heavy Duty LAN Station : Isometric View5500-3-000-23 : 36" W x 24" D Training Table - Folkstone : Isometric ViewLX Sit-Stand Wall Mount System WorkFit-C, Dual <br />Sit-Stand WorkstationWorkFit-T: Convert Your Desk to Standing


5500-3-003-23 : 36" W x 24" D Training Table - Serene Cherry : Isometric View

  • 42U Enclosed Rack
  • 2 & 4 Post Open Racks
  • Server Room in-a-box – Netshelter CX
  • Wall Mount Rack Cages
  • Enclosed and Security Racks
  • Cables and Rack Accessories
Kendall Howard
  • Heavy Duty LAN Stations
  • Linier Series Server Cabinets
  • Open Frame and Swing-Out Wallmount racks
  • HP Shock Racks
  • Intelligent Air Duck Racks
  • 14u Locking Kitted Rack
  • Preconfigured Enclosures – S-Series
  • Open-Frame and Wall Mount Racks
  • Datacenter Cages
  • Network Fiber Cables
  • Cat5e & Cat6 cables
  • Cabling Accessories
  • Network Fiber Cables
  • Cat5e & Cat6 cables
  • Cabling Accessories

A soundproofed ‘Server Room in a Box’ which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time.

The solution for deploying IT in non-dedicated spaces

Designed for branch offices, small offices and any non-IT space where there isn’t the room, the time or the budget to build a dedicated IT zone – the NetShelter CX server enclosure is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play IT solution. You simply roll it in to the open office, put your equipment inside, plug it in and close the doors. With the NetShelter CX Soundproofed ‘Server Room in a Box’ you can get back to focusing on your core business quickly.Use it to:

– Reduce your capital costs by avoiding construction.
– Avoid wasting space – use the space for something else.
– Keep your business agile – use a portable IT infrastructure.
– Standardize on one solution for branch offices and remote sites.
– Silence noisy equipment inside a Quiet Enclosure.

The NetShelter CX server enclosure is an innovative answer to today’s, and tomorrow’s, dynamic IT infrastructure requirements.

The NetShelter CX Family has been enhanced by a new solution designed for housing tower servers in small & home offices and other non-dedicated IT spaces – The Netshelter CX Mini. Find out more about this highly economic and adaptable acoustic server enclosure by clicking on the ‘Netshelter CX link below.

7ss-APC Netshelter CX Brochure

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