Separating business and personal settings with Enterprise State Roaming (Article)

Source: Microsoft
Microsoft IT quickly and cost effectively piloted Enterprise State Roaming before its public release, with minimal user disruption. Enterprise State Roaming makes it easy to set up and configure new corporate or personal Windows 10 devices; settings are automatically applied. It helps protect privacy with separate business and personal settings for bring-your-own-device scenarios, and reduces our administrative overhead. Plus, via the Azure portal, we can easily monitor sync status of devices.
Separating business and personal settings with Enterprise State Roaming (Article)

How to deliver a comprehensive solution for an effective DRaaS strategy

Source: Veeam

As part of my role leading the SE team for the ANZ region, I speak to CIOs and IT decision makers on a regular basis. And their top concern recently is Business Continuity and the need to have tested and verified plans. The need for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage unplanned outages of any scale is essential in today’s environment in effort to support the requirements of an Always-On Enterprise.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers a solution to these challenges, and has received a lot of attention recently. Veeam’s Availability Report, released earlier this year, confirmed that 70% of respondents have already invested in, or plan to invest in, DRaaS. Yet, end-users tell us it’s hard to do.

However, the definition of true DRaaS is still largely undefined. Industry analysts, Forrester, defines DRaaS as “Services that enable customers to failover their on-premises infrastructure to a multi-tenant, cloud environment that they purchase on a pay-per-use basis.”

Today, various forms of subscription-based, DR services are available, and they have been around for some time.

At Veeam, we believe that DRaaS is a strategy that CIOs should consider when and where DR requirements, budget and complexity cannot be addressed by traditional DR options. When done right, it provides flexibility, reliability and automation. However, one of the main reasons it can be hard to successfully implement is because DRaaS is often considered in addition to, or separate from, an overall data protection strategy. This pulls the focus of IT away from their current data center investments and momentum, and adds an additional layer of management complexity, often leaving businesses uncertain that they can actually recover if something goes terribly wrong. The reality of their gaps comes to fruition during invocation scenarios, which in production has significant downtime costs.

A combination of various factors, including growing interest in DRaaS within the C-Suite, opens up a great opportunity for Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners and ProPartners in the DRaaS market – to deliver a multi-tenanted service capability at scale.

And, here’s how:

  1. DRaaS should be integrated into a comprehensive Availability strategy. If you’re a service provider consulting your customers – you need to demonstrate that businesses should be able to enjoy a consistent user experience while reducing overall cost and complexity to protect their data via a combination of backup, replication and cloud.
  2. Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy, simple and transparent for you, as a service provider to offer DRaaS, enabling your customers to take full advantage of the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture without sacrificing that critical direct line of communication and personal relationship with you, as the DRaaS provider.
  3. Lastly and more importantly, your customer’s IT departments will continue to retain the ability to test, configure and consume the services the way they want while delivering effective outcomes for their business. All the while knowing that they have a provider that they know and trust managing their DRaaS strategy.

You can find more information in the DRaaS Market Opportunity survey we recently ran with service providers and resellers.


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How to deliver a comprehensive solution for an effective DRaaS strategy

CHILL Brings Home The Gold For Cisco at the Edison Awards

Source: Cisco
Kudos to the Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs (CHILL)! This cutting-edge group in Cisco Services took home the gold at the prestigious Edison Awards in the category of Collective Disruption. Established in 1987, the Edison Awards recognize and honor innovative products and business leaders. CHILL was nominated for a unique program in which a group of […]CHILL Brings Home The Gold For Cisco at the Edison Awards

Become a Veeam Expert: NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 Certifications

Source: Veeam

“The value of Veeam sales, technical sales and technical user certifications is greater than ever.”

Certifications give you the opportunity to learn about our solutions in greater detail – not only from a technical standpoint, but from a sales viewpoint as well.

With each major release, we update the certification courses to ensure that technology professionals fully understand newly released features and capabilities of Veeam solutions. Veeam recently released, in parallel with the launch of NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 updated sales, technical sales and technical Veeam-user certifications.

By becoming v9 certified, you’ll learn about product capabilities, their interaction and alignment with compatible technologies, and get both onsite and online instruction on how to most effectively implement Veeam to achieve maximum functionality so that you can continue to add the most value to the services you offer your customers.

The Veeam certification program includes courses and industry recognized certifications tailored to Veeam sales and technical sales professionals.

Let’s take a look at each certification in more detail.

Veeam certification program

Veeam Sales Professional (VMSP)

Veeam Sales Professionals are Veeam ambassadors who are ready to address any customer need. This certification will help you to:

  • Feel confident in your knowledge of v9 features and benefits
  • Understand product messaging and positioning
  • Strengthen your portfolio by offering Availability solutions to your customers

More information can be found on the Veeam ProPartner Portal or on

Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP)

Veeam Technical Sales Professionals can easily support customers with architecture planning and deployment to provide the best data protection available on the market.

VMTSP courses comprise four modules (VMSP course is a knowledge prerequisite):

  • Understand product architecture
  • Be able to assist in the product deployment
  • Demonstrate how the product works
  • Provide troubleshooting information 

These courses are FREE and available to ProPartners only.

Veeam Certified Engineer Certification

Veeam Certified Engineer Certification (VMCE)

The VMCE course is a technical deep-dive that will empower Veeam experts through the delivery of technical courses that focus on the implementation and configuration of Veeam solutions.

This certification is an excellent investment for anyone looking to increase potential for personal career advancement and gain recognition from their employer and customers. Veeam is dedicated to the success of every VMCE and provides benefits and resources that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

You can even choose between an instructor-led three-day training in a classroom setting OR our Video On-Demand Learning where you can learn at your own pace, and have access to the same course and remote labs that you would if you were attending in person.

For more information, check out the VMCE certification for ProPartners.


Not yet a Veeam ProPartner but looking to deepen your knowledge of Veeam solutions? Veeam offers free online trainings and certification designed specifically for technical users of Veeam.

For more information, check out our Veeam Education Services.

Become a Veeam Expert: NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 Certifications

Using Microsoft Intune to enable security compliance policies for mobile devices (Video)

Source: Microsoft
Microsoft Intune simplifies BYOD and mobile device management! Intune manages personal devices in a corporate environment, giving employees access to corporate resources on their own mobile devices, all while helping ensure corporate data security. We show how an IT administrator can create a corporate security compliance policy from the management console and apply it to enrolled devices.
Using Microsoft Intune to enable security compliance policies for mobile devices (Video)

Microsoft Intune makes it easy to bring your own device with confidence (Video)

Source: Microsoft
Microsoft Intune enables mobile device management for personal devices. We will demonstrate both sides of the Intune experience—watch an employee enroll her personal iOS device into Intune, gaining access to corporate resources and applications. Then see an administrator create a corporate policy from the management console to help ensure the security of corporate data.
Microsoft Intune makes it easy to bring your own device with confidence (Video)

Enroll your mobile device in Microsoft Intune for corporate access (Video)

Source: Microsoft
Microsoft Intune makes it convenient to bring your own device to work! You will see how simple it is to enroll personal mobile devices into Intune for secure access to corporate resources and applications. Microsoft IT uses Intune to help ensure that personal devices, such as iOS devices, adhere to corporate security policies without accessing your personal files.
Enroll your mobile device in Microsoft Intune for corporate access (Video)

Next Generation Data Center: ACI Leads the Way

Source: Cisco
More than 1,800 customers are deploying Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) because they see great value in its ability to automate IT tasks, accelerate application deployments and reduce data center TCO. According to Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, Cisco is now the “market lead by number of deployments”.  Watch my interview with Zeus and see why […]Next Generation Data Center: ACI Leads the Way