Mobile Payments Startup Payleven Raises Another $10M

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payleven devices The days of Square clones popping up, everywhere you looked and capitalizing on Square’s conservative approach to global expansion, are long gone. But those startups are not. And today, one of them is announcing a Series D round.
Payleven, a mobile payments startup originally incubated in 2012 at Berlin’s Rocket Internet, says it has raised a $10 million growth round from a… Read MoreMobile Payments Startup Payleven Raises Another M

Bring your droid to work

Source: Meraki-Cisco

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) arena is an exciting technology field with rapid innovation across a wide breadth of platforms. On February 9th we announced the launch of a host of new Systems Manager (SM) features and functionality for these platforms, and as part of this release SM now supports Android for Work.


This provides a major boost to the manageability of Android devices as it makes it much simpler for employees to use their own device for work. It does this without ceding the user’s control of their personal device, while allowing the organization to ensure appropriate security.


An example of one of the areas where functionality has been significantly extended over existing Android controls, is in the area of restrictions. There are now three new categories of Android restrictions available in SM, in addition to the previously available ones.
Keyguard restrictions help secure an Android device when it is locked. Although you may be confident your data’s security when the device is locked, information could still leak out without the correct keyguard settings, for example a notification that displays the content of an SMS even when the device is locked. With keyguard restrictions you can now disable any or all of the following items:

  • Notifications
  • Unredacted notifications
  • Fingerprint access
  • Camera
  • Trust agents
  • All keyguard features

In addition to keyguard controls, an administrator can now also apply restrictions to other system areas. One brilliant addition is the ability to prevent users from installing applications from unknown sources. With the prevalence of malware and other dangerous apps in the Android ecosystems, allowing users to turn off this safety net  is often not desirable. This control lets the administrator decide. The complete list of system restrictions we are announcing in this launch is:

  • Prevent Android Debug Bridge (ADB) access
  • Prevent installation of apps from unknown sources
  • Prevent uninstalling of apps
  • Prevent app control
  • Enforce application verification
  • Disable SMS
  • Disable keyguard
  • Disable screen capture
  • Disable volume adjustment
  • Disable factory reset

Along with the new restrictions, there is now containerization with separate Google Play stores for personal and work apps. This allows separate instances of identical applications to be isolated within the appropriate personal or work container. For example you can have two instances of Gmail with one configured for personal use and the other configured for IMAP access to a corporate mail server.


Administrators can now be confident in the knowledge that corporate data can be erased with the removal of the work app from a device, and users will be reassured that their personal data won’t be affected. A complete wipe of the work profile removes all the contained applications and data meaning off boarding employee devices is straightforward and secure.

Android for Work and the other new features included as part of this launch are available today. If you are a Systems Manager Legacy customer interested in these new capabilities, then you will need to upgrade to the full version. This includes a wealth of features on top of those mentioned in this post, with further information available on the Systems Manager licensing page.

More information can be found on our documentation portal, with upcoming Systems Manager webinars highlighting these features. Alternatively contact us to begin a no risk trial and we will help get you up and running.

Bring your droid to work

WorldRemit Gets $45M At A $500M Valuation To Grow Its Mobile Money Transfer Business

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worldremit africa A year after raising $100 million, London-based startup WorldRemit has picked up more funding. To compete against the likes of Western Union in the world of money transfers — and tap a remittance market that the World Bank estimates will be worth $610 billion in 2016 — the company has added another $45 million to its coffers. This latest round, a debt round… Read MoreWorldRemit Gets M At A 0M Valuation To Grow Its Mobile Money Transfer Business

Cloud Security

Source: SANS security tip
One of the most effective steps you can take to protect your cloud account is to make sure you are using two-step verification. In addition, always be sure you know exactly whom you are sharing files with. It is very easy to accidently share your files with the entire Internet when you think you are only sharing them with specific individuals.
Cloud Security

GitHub Updates Its Enterprise Product With Clustering Support, Updated Design

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2b38e278-8c46-11e5-8a25-06aa80342ad1 GitHub Enterprise, the company’s on-premises solution for managing code, is getting a major update today. It comes at a time when there seems to be some upheaval in the company around the importance management has been putting on this product. The marquee feature of GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is support for clustering. With this, businesses can now set up a cluster of GitHub Enterprise… Read MoreGitHub Updates Its Enterprise Product With Clustering Support, Updated Design

ThinkingPhones Becomes Fuze And Grabs $112 Million Investment Led By Summit Partners

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Woman on phone in front of two big computer screens taking notes. ThinkingPhones, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, cloud service that offers messaging, phone service and video streaming, announced $112 million investment round today.
The company also announced it was changing its name to Fuze, which happens to be the name of the cloud video company it purchased last fall.
The round was led by Summit Partners with help from current investors Bessemer Venture… Read MoreThinkingPhones Becomes Fuze And Grabs 2 Million Investment Led By Summit Partners

CognitiveLogic Raises $3M To Help Enterprises Pool Big Data While Keeping Privacy Intact

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circular maze DataSift made a name for itself as a company that took large unstructured datasets — such as anonymised firehoses from social media services like Facebook (and previously, Twitter) and ordered them in a way for enterprises and brands to get a better idea of consumer preferences and other insights. Now Nick Halstead, the person who founded and led DataSift but left the role in… Read MoreCognitiveLogic Raises M To Help Enterprises Pool Big Data While Keeping Privacy Intact

Digital Shadows Gets $14M To Keep Growing Its Digital Risk Scanning Service

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data analysis research shutterstock UK cyber security startup Digital Shadows, which sells a SaaS service to businesses wanting to monitor and manage potential risks by keeping tabs on activity related to their digital footprint — has closed a $14 million Series B funding round, led by Trinity Ventures. As part of the investment, Trinity’s Fred Wang has joined the Digital Shadows board. Read MoreDigital Shadows Gets M To Keep Growing Its Digital Risk Scanning Service

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure by Simplivity

SimpliVity HyperGuarantee


The Industry’s Most Complete Guarantee

Only SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the enterprise-class performance, protection, and resiliency that you require, with the cloud economics your business demands.

As a proof-point of our platform maturity and what our capabilities can do for our customers, we offer the industry’s most complete guarantee including data efficiency, protection, simplicity, management and availability.

The Five Guarantees

  1. HyperEfficient

    If you use SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in VM-centric backup capability as outlined1, you will save2 90% capacity, across storage and backup combined, relative to comparable2 traditional solutions.

  2. HyperProtected

    If you use SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in backup capability, it will take less than 1 minute3, on average, to complete a local backup or local restore of a 1TB VM.

  3. HyperSimple

    Using SimpliVity’s user interface which is fully integrated with VMware vCenter, you only need 3 clicks4 to Back up, Restore, Move, or Clone a VM, all from a single console.

  4. HyperManageable

    Using SimpliVity’s user interface in a central location, in less than a minute on average, you will be able to create or update backup policies for 1000’s of VMs across dozens of sites.

  5. HyperAvailable

    You will be able to add or replace SimpliVity OmniStack systems:

    1. without any downtime for local or remote sites
    2. without any disruption to local or remote SimpliVity backups
    3. without any reconfiguration of SimpliVity backup policies for local or remote sites
    4. without the need to re-enter any IP addresses in remote sites

No Gimmicks

No separate contracts. No additional steps. These guarantees are available to all customers who use SimpliVity OmniStack version 3.0 or higher and are covered under the standard SimpliVity product warranty which is valid for 90 days after delivery of the product to the customer.  The warranty is described in the SimpliVity End User License Agreement that can be downloaded at To receive warranty service, customers must register at at any time during the warranty period.