Gravitational Helps Deliver Software On-Prem And In Cloud From Single Code Base

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Servers sitting on clouds. Gravitational, a graduate of the Y Combinator 2015 class set out solve a very difficult problem for companies — how to deliver software in the cloud and on-premises from a single code base.
Without a solution like the one from Gravaitional, companies would have to maintain two sets of code, which is simply too costly for most companies to pull off. That meant these companies were… Read MoreGravitational Helps Deliver Software On-Prem And In Cloud From Single Code Base

Microsoft’s New App “Fetch!” Tells You What Kind Of Dog You Are (And It Can ID Your Dog, Too)

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fetch Even Microsoft’s new image recognition app has no idea what kind of dog I have. Oh well! If you don’t own a mixed-breed mutt saved from the kill shelter, however, you might have fun with the company’s latest Microsoft Garage project: Fetch!, a new iPhone app that looks at photos of dogs to identify its breed. Or, in the case when it can’t make an exact match, the app… Read More
Microsoft’s New App “Fetch!” Tells You What Kind Of Dog You Are (And It Can ID Your Dog, Too)

Cisco and VCE Continue to Lead the Industry

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A few weeks ago, EMC took the opportunity during their earnings to reaffirm their commitment to VCE and demonstrate the success of the business by staking claim to a US$3B annualized run rate.  I’d like to congratulate VCE on its continued success and reinforce the strategic nature of VCE to Cisco. Cisco and EMC have years of working together under our joint belt.  Together, we have a proven track-record and joint commitment to customer success.  Put simply, customers see VCE […]Cisco and VCE Continue to Lead the Industry

Secure, Controlled, and Informed

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Meraki Systems Manager continues to offer extensive functionality for Apple platforms. Only recently we announced same day support for iOS 9 in conjunction with a new strategic joint development partnership between Cisco and Apple. We continued that story with the launch of extensive new features for Systems Manager on February 9th. In this particular post we are going to explore the Apple specific elements of that launch.

iOS Wallpaper

With MDM it has always been important to make sure you keep the users informed. This ensures they attribute changes to their device to administrative control and not to a fault. The iOS Wallpaper functionality of iOS 9 offers a great way of keeping users informed, while also offering branding and user experience options.

sm_iOS_wallpaperThe Lock and Home page Wallpapers can be configured independently or together with a simple drag and drop. The reason that changing the Wallpaper with Systems Manager offers a great way of interacting with the user is because it can be tied to tags. This means that the Wallpaper can change dynamically based on various events, for example based on the person using the device or its posture.


FileVault disk encryption

Information is the lifeblood of any organization, with the securing and management of this data under increasing scrutiny. Encryption of information on portable devices such as laptops is frequently being mandated in regulated industries such as health care. The loss of confidential or private information can lead to stiff penalties, brand damage, and dented consumer confidence.

FileVault in OS X provides strong data security with full disc encryption using AES. With full disk encryption, data on a mislaid or stolen device is useless to the unauthorised recipient. Systems Manager now supports FileVault disk encryption management, and in typical Meraki fashion, has been made as simple as possible.

os_x_fv_configThe difficulty associated with disk encryption is not typically with encrypting data but in decrypting it when required. For example, when an employee leaves the organization it may be necessary to access the customer data on their device. If the password or recovery key has not been provided by the departed employee, then the data is lost forever.  

Systems manager supports all three methods of FileVault data recovery: an institutional recovery key, a personal recovery key, or both simultaneously. Institutional recovery keys are transparently managed by the Meraki cloud ensuring they are never lost. More information on FileVault 2 can be found on our documentation portal.

OS X system preferences

To top off the list of Apple functionality added in this Systems Manager launch there are now 35 new OS X system preferences to play with. This includes things such as control of Security & Privacy settings, Software Updates, and Parental Controls. Further information on these OS X systems preferences is again located on our documentation portal.

sm_os_x_fv_prefThe new features for Apple platforms included as part of this launch are available today. If you are a Systems Manager Legacy customer interested in these new capabilities, then you can upgrade to the full version by simply contacting our sales team. The full version includes a wealth of features on top of those mentioned in this post, with further information available on the Systems Manager licensing page.

Excited by the new content in this systems manager launch? We are! The team will be highlighting these features and more in upcoming Systems Manager webinars. Alternatively if you can’t wait to get started, contact us to begin a no risk trial and we will help get you up and running.


Secure, Controlled, and Informed

Two-Step Verification

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Two-step verification is one of the best steps you can take to secure any account. Two-step verification is when you require both a password and code sent to or generated by your mobile device. Examples of services that support two-step verification include Gmail, Dropbox and Twitter.
Two-Step Verification

PayPal Commerce Matches Stripe With PayPal’s Own Native Shopping Toolkit For Apps

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email_buy_buttons PayPal’s first acquisition after it separated from eBay in 2015 was of a young startup called Modest, which had built a platform for small businesses to integrate buy buttons across third-party apps. Now, PayPal is taking the wraps off a new product that will integrate Modest’s technology. PayPal Commerce — as the new service is called — launches today in closed… Read MorePayPal Commerce Matches Stripe With PayPal’s Own Native Shopping Toolkit For Apps

Power to the People

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Since the inception of the MX product line, one message has come through loud and clear from our customers and partners: they love the MX for branch deployments. From the original MX50 to the MX60 and the more recent (and very well received) addition of the MX64, we’ve continued to invest in new branch MX models and features. This week, we take a huge step forward in the evolution of cloud-managed branch security with the release of the new MX65 and MX65W security appliances.

The first thing anyone will probably notice about the MX65 is the significant increase in port count. The new models host a whopping 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports, more than twice as many as the MX64. This removes the need for an additional switch in locations where there are only a handful of devices requiring network connectivity, helping to keep the cost and complexity of the deployment to a minimum. Fitting these ports onto the back of the device has resulted in a couple of minor design changes, such as the reset button and USB port being on the side of the unit rather than the back. Best of all, thanks to some phenomenal design work by our hardware team, we’ve accomplished all of this without significantly increasing the size of the unit – it’s the same height and depth as the MX64, and less than an inch wider.


Even more important than the number of ports is how we’ve allocated those ports. While eight of them are standard LAN ports like those found on other MX models, the other four have something special to offer. First we have two dedicated WAN ports, so that administrators can connect two Internet or MPLS connections without sacrificing one of the LAN ports. This not only makes the unit simpler to deploy, it also means that the MX65 is a perfect fit for customers who want to make use of our IWAN features to get full use out of their redundant connections.

The last two ports offer the most striking difference in functionality between the MX65 and previous models. As indicated by the lightning bolt icons to the left of the port numbers, these ports provide Power over Ethernet (PoE). Each port operates on the 802.3at standard, also known as PoE+, and provides up to 30 watts of power to any connected PoE-capable device. These can include phones, cameras, wireless access points, or a variety of other devices. As with the increased port count, this change makes it much easier to deploy the MX65 without the need for additional hardware such as switches or PoE injectors, resulting in a cleaner branch architecture and an easier deployment.

Alamo Front (1)

Last but not least, the MX65W boasts not only a new and improved revision of the MX64W’s 802.11ac wireless chipset, but also a custom antenna design that provides both better range and improved wireless performance. For sites that need wireless coverage that goes beyond what a single unit can offer, you can of course still deploy an MX65 with any of our MR Access Points – and with the new PoE capabilities, you can power up to two APs from the MX65 itself.

To learn more about the MX65 and MX65W and how they fit in with the rest of the MX portfolio, check out the Cisco Meraki website.

Power to the People

BBVA Shuts In-House Venture Arm, Pours $250M Into New Fintech VC Propel Venture Partners

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rocket chalkboard BBVA — the Spanish banking giant that acquired Simple in the U.S. and last year made a $67 million investment in still-stealth mobile-only bank Atom in the UK — is changing up how it plans to invest in fintech startups in the future.
The company is shutting down its in-house venture arm, BBVA Ventures; and it is taking BBVA Ventures’ portfolio, the $100 million fund it had… Read MoreBBVA Shuts In-House Venture Arm, Pours 0M Into New Fintech VC Propel Venture Partners

Facing An Array Of Challenges, Autodesk Shifts To Subscription Pricing

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Autodesk loading dock. Autodesk has been around the block a few times, having debuted way back in 1982 in the earliest days of the desktop PC. These days, the company is in the midst of a major transition from a licensing model to a subscription model, while juggling the assortment of challenges a change like this brings to a mature company.
It would be wrong to characterize this is as a total cloud pivot, however. Read MoreFacing An Array Of Challenges, Autodesk Shifts To Subscription Pricing