Veeam and Cisco cook up something hot

Source: Veeam

It’s been about a month since Veeam’s annual user and partner conference VeeamON, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana this year. I’m still missing the casual, free spirited vibe of the Big Easy and of course New Orleans-style Cajun cooking.

Hot sauce makes it better

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve probably seen Tabasco hot sauce on the tables at practically every restaurant. I’m a firm believer that hot sauce makes good food taste even better and such is the relationship of Cisco and Veeam. By combining the two, you get something even better. According to the latest ESG white paper, Veeam and Cisco UCS Are Better Together, reliability, performance and agility were highly touted characteristics when selecting a combination of Veeam and Cisco UCS over their respective alternatives.

Upping the Scoville units

In New Orleans, Frank Palumbo, Senior VP of Data Center Sales at Cisco and Andy Vandeveld, VP of Global Alliances at Veeam appeared on theCUBE together to discuss what the Alliance partners have been cooking up together. Cisco and Veeam have been working together for over three years with a joint go-to-market strategy and as Andy Vandeveld points out, “partnerships are in Veeam’s DNA.” In the last year this partnership has really heated up. Frank Palumbo points out that our partners were asking Cisco to work more closely with Veeam as the two are the perfect complement and in fact Frank points out “customers look to Cisco to complete the story and offer and end to end solution, we weren’t able to complete it without Veeam.”

But some of the most salient points of this discussion were when Frank, who talks to a lot of customers, explained that it is all about the application. Keeping a modern enterprise running and available is all about keeping the applications available. “The Cisco hardware doesn’t really come together till you have the application on it and can keep that application Available and Veeam jumps in and fills that gap perfectly.” He goes on to emphasize that things are moving fast in the data center and the key for both Cisco and Veeam is to offer simplicity, “Veeam can tackle complex situations in a simple fashion — and simplicity is the game with customers, things are moving so fast that if you can’t be simple you are going to have a tough time.”

Even more heat

Within just the last couple of months, Cisco and Veeam have turned up the heat even more. In February 2017, Cisco released version 2.0 of HyperFlex, its hyper-converged offering and with that, Veeam also made updates to Veeam Backup & Replication to bring more efficient Availability to HyperFlex 2.0 by providing both an optimized backup and replication workflow to lower the recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) to < 15 minutes for all applications and data running on top of it. It’s exciting, as this is Veeam’s first integration with any hyper-converged storage system. This means that Veeam integrates with HyperFlex and its native snapshots to even further reduce RPO’s as Andy notes “Veeam integrates with the Cisco snapshot technology so you are really seeing it come together.”

To learn more about the latest developments in Cisco and Veeam’s partnership, check out theCUBE interview here:

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Veeam and Cisco cook up something hot

Quantum and Veeam new integration

Source: Veeam

Close to seven years ago, Veeam and Quantum came together to offer Veeam Backup & Replication as a tested and validated software for interoperability with Quantum DXi Series network attached storage (NAS) backup appliances. Enhanced support for any deduplication appliance, including Quantum DXi appliances, was included with Veeam Availability Suite v9. And with Quantum’s recent announcement, our partnership continues to expand and evolve.

DXi deduplication appliances now integrated with Veeam

Quantum recently announced integration with Veeam Data Mover Service, which will enable customers using DXi deduplication appliances the ability to take advantage of some of Veeam’s more advanced features such as Instant VM Recovery and synthetic full backups. In addition, DXi appliances will be added to the Veeam Backup & Replication v10 (coming late 2017) user interface, strengthening the solutions we jointly deliver to customers.

Veeam Data Mover Service deploys and coordinates executable modules that act as data movers and perform main job activities on behalf of Veeam Backup & Replication, such as communicating with the VMware Tools, copying VM files, performing data deduplication and compression.

Quantum’s portfolio of DXi deduplication solutions provide patented variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction, lower OPEX and enable efficient data movement across the WAN to other sites and to the cloud. Unlike other solutions, Quantum divides the data stream into variable-length data segments so users can find the same block boundaries in different locations and contexts. Allowing the boundaries to “float” within the data stream means there is little or no impact on the boundaries in other locations when changes to one part of the data are made. Doing so provides an efficient way to deduplicate common data in the data center.

Quantum DXi appliances take advantage of StorNext data management software to efficiently manage complex workflows stored on disk, online storage, tape or in the cloud. Policy-based tiering allows users to seamlessly archive files to different types of storage without impacting applications or users. And with single-screen manageability, administrators can gain greater insight and control of their StorNext environment.

Quantum and Veeam integration

New Scalar iBlade for Veeam

Quantum’s new Scalar iBlade dramatically simplifies tape deployment and configuration for Veeam environments. The Scalar iBlade is an embedded server for Scalar i3 or i6 tape libraries. It includes a fully-licensed Windows Server 2016 virtual machine instance with appropriate tape library drivers pre-populated, eliminating the Veeam requirement of an external physical tape server. iBlade connects directly to the network and provides connectivity to the tape drives within the Scalar library to create what Bassier calls a “converged tape appliance” for Veeam environments.

Quantum and Veeam integration

Ransomware and rethinking tape

This wasn’t part of any announcement but given recent events, it’s still pretty timely. For years, many customers looked to the 3-2-1 Rule to protect their data (three copies of data on two different mediums with at least one of those copies stored off site).  But ransomware attacks like the WannaCry virus have many customers rethinking the role of tape as part of their data protection strategy.

Tape provides an offline, or “air-gapped” copy of your data to protect against the threat of ransomware. With tape, backup copies are completely offline which protects data from being deleted or modified remotely.

Quantum and Veeam integration

To learn more about the new integration, watch Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Quantum discuss Quantum’s new integration with Veeam, the relevance of tape and “hyper-converged tape” for Veeam on theCUBE:

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Quantum and Veeam new integration

Mining for digital hybrid-cloud gold — Veeam and NetApp on theCUBE

Source: Veeam

In the digital age, data is gold. With global data growth projected to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025, we are on the threshold of a digital gold rush of epic proportions. The challenge is how do you extract the most value out of your digital assets when data is disbursed across on-premises and public-cloud infrastructures? Likewise, how do you ensure the Availability of your critical business applications and data in an increasingly hybrid-cloud world?

Maria Olson, VP of Strategic Alliances at NetApp and Andy Vandeveld, VP of Alliances at Veeam, discussed how NetApp and Veeam are helping organizations like the Denver Broncos, Telefonica and many others with their digital transformation initiatives. In the hunt for digital gold, these organizations are leveraging NetApp’s Data Fabric capabilities in conjunction with Veeam, to simplify data management and IT operations, enhance Availability, lower costs and create a more seamless digital experience for customers, partners and end users.

In their discussion on theCUBE, Olson and Vandeveld stated that organizations are looking for the following:

  1. Simplified IT and Always-On application capabilities
  2. Help with digital transformation
  3. Flexibility

Digital transformation requires flexibility and choice. ONTAP is at the heart of the Data Fabric. It’s the operating system that powers NetApp core storage technologies. ONTAP can be deployed on engineered systems like FlexPod and All-Flash FAS in the data center or can be implemented on commodity white box infrastructure in remote office locations. Likewise, it can be deployed as a software-defined solution in AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud or in one of many NetApp and Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner environments. And, with Veeam’s direct integration with ONTAP, businesses gain IT simplicity while ensuring the Always-On Availability of those workloads regardless of the location or the underlying infrastructure they reside on.

With respect to flexibility, Vandeveld said: “…customer consumption models are changing. They’re running on-prem in a private cloud, running in a public cloud [or hybrid] …no two looks the same. Customers are saying, ‘Let us decide how we are going to consume and you help accommodate that consumption.’ They want flexibility and that’s what they’re asking us to provide.” Olson added, “One of the things that I love about the relationship with NetApp and Veeam is that we’re embracing cloud, we’re not fighting cloud. We have multiple offerings in terms of storage and data management across all of the new and emerging cloud players and the existing ones.” The combination of ONTAP and Veeam provides the flexibility and choice businesses need to leverage the best of hybrid-cloud solutions to accelerate the digital transformation journey.

When asked about how NetApp and Veeam measure the success of the partnership, Olson talked about the need for strong alignment. “You have to have alignment on what set of solutions you’re going to go out there and build.” She also talked about the need for an aligned go-to-market plan that includes a comprehensive, channel-focused strategy with the people and culture that can consistently execute on the plan.

Vandeveld tagged on to Olson’s remarks by commenting, “We have strong alignment at the executive level. You need to have that strategic vision. Another strong metric for Veeam is our NPS (customer satisfaction) score of 73. It’s off the charts. That doesn’t happen if you aren’t delivering the right solutions with the right set of partners. That’s just another metric of how successful these partnerships are; particularly the one we have with NetApp.” Olson added, “NetApps’ NPS is 64 which is way up there as well. So that’s another area we are very aligned!”

Through NetApp ONTAP, organizations have a simple yet powerful way to manage, move, share and protect data, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. And, with Veeam’s direct integration with ONTAP, businesses can ensure the Availability and protection of their digital gold. Together, Veeam and NetApp provide greater IT simplicity, flexibility and Always-On Availability so that organizations can run application workloads wherever the business demands — on-premises, in the public cloud or a combination of both — to ensure they hit digital pay dirt.

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Mining for digital hybrid-cloud gold — Veeam and NetApp on theCUBE

Veeam Backup & Replication has a Content Pack!

Source: Veeam

If you use VMware vRealize Log Insight in your environment for log consolidation and analysis, you will be pleased to know that you can now obtain a Content Pack from Veeam to empower your backup admins. This means your admins can stay in the Log Insight and see even more useful information. This will also help your backup admins more easily confirm if a backup issue is in fact a network issue or a storage issue. It is nice to note that I believe we are the first data protection company with a Content Pack in the Log Insight Marketplace.

I think it might be worth understanding a little more about Log Insight. It is a log consolidation tool — meaning it can configure vCenter Events and all your ESXi hosts to forward their logs to it. Plus, you can configure your storage and network to forward to it their logs so everything is in one place. That is all done via syslog. You can also use agents to forward Windows event logs to Log Insight. This means you are looking at all the logs on the same time scale.  So, you can type the word timeout and potentially see an SCSI timeout error and not just see when/where it occurred but also what it may have impacted. Content Packs are what vendors can create to help you look at all that information and see value in it like backup job failures. Once you know that you can search and see what else occurred at that same time, that might help you solve the issue much faster.

It is also important to note you can use Log Insight for alerting. Very powerful alerting in that you can generate alerts based on queries based on what is import to you regardless of source.

Let’s see what the Content Pack can show you. Here are some of the screens in the Content Pack.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 1. Overview Screen

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 2. Backup jobs — shows you state of your specific backup jobs

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 3. System screen — shows you Veeam related system info

As you can see from these sample screens from my lab there is a lot of very good info available in the different dashboards and widgets. Hopefully in your lab the failed jobs widget is blank!

Let’s look at something specific I think is useful. If you check out Figure 3 you can see that my lab has experienced some dropped connections in my Veeam infrastructure. That might help me provide answers to backup issues since now I know that the Veeam infrastructure had issues that could and would in this case impact backups.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 4. Dropped Connections widget

Notice the I for more information — in Figure 4 — and see what it does in Figure 5? See the arrow that will open up the Interactive Analytics? Depending on your access in Log Insight you may or may not see the COG (gear wheel) as seen above in Figure 4. When you click on the arrow you will see something like below in Figure 6.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 5. More Information on a widget

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 6. Interactive Analytics

As mentioned above, the Content Pack provides alerts and there are quite a few of them. Here is a list of some of the interesting ones:

  • Backup job failed
  • Backup Copy job failed
  • Deleted job
  • License expiring
  • ReFS events seen
  • Replication job failed

So, on any of these (or any of the many others) you can configure the alert to fire and email you whenever the specific condition occurs.

To make this work for you, you would need to install the Veeam Content Pack from the Marketplace. The information below will help you get it going.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 7. Admin menu, then Content Packs

Once you select Content Packs you will see the content packs you have already installed and you need to change to the Marketplace. Look above in the top left of the screen and you will see some as seen below in Figure 7.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 8. Selecting Marketplace to see other Content Packs

Now you scroll down to locate the Veeam Backup & Replication Content Pack.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Veeam Backup & Replication

Figure 9. Online marketplace, look at Veeam!

You only need to push on the tile and it will be installed. Once installed it was will be shown as we see it above in Figure 8.

By the way, if you are behind a firewall and do not have a way to access the Internet or the Log Insight Marketplace you can also find the CP in the VMware Solution Exchange.

When the CP is installed there is a link (for general help and agent configuration help) that will help you install and configure the agents (along with other info on the Content Pack). You only need to have the agent installed on your main backup server and not any of the other servers — so not on repository or proxy servers.

Once the agent is installed and configured you will have information in your Log Insight Veeam dashboard. But as backups, restores, SureBackups, replication and backup copy jobs occur you will see more information.

Let me know below what else you might like to see in the Content Pack as it is a 1.0 and we really want your help growing it. In addition, let us know what other Veeam applications I should do a Content Pack for next.

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Veeam Backup & Replication has a Content Pack!

Veeam Backup & Replication is now certified on vSAN

Source: Veeam

Someone asked me, “What does this mean?” I thought that might be a good place to start this off. VMware vSAN is one of the very exciting features of VMware vSphere in that it provides software defined storage. The power of this is you can install ESXi and vCenter, and if your hosts have a mix of SSD and HD disks or just SSD, you can enable vSAN with only a few clicks and you then have shared storage among all your hosts. Very different than the traditional process of provisioning storage. Add another host and you get more processor, RAM and storage, too. There is a reason that vSAN is one of the fastest selling products at VMware and that ease of provisioning and managing storage is a big part of it.

Veeam released support for vSAN in June of 2014. Before that, Veeam customers could, in fact, back up virtual machines (VMs), and more importantly, restore VMs that were hosted on vSAN with no problem, but that support added some important smart logic. This logic means that if you have a Veeam proxy on the same host as a VM, the smart logic will make sure that proxy will do the backup and not a different proxy on a different host. This means a faster backup since there is less network traffic. If a VM was on host A but a proxy on host C did the backup, there is more traffic over the network.

Veeam also supports backing up and restoring the storage policy that is associated with the virtual machine. At restore, the same policy is connected by default, but you can choose a different policy if that is appropriate. You can see this in the image below.

Veeam Backup & Replication is now certified on vSAN

Figure 1. Restore of a VM backed up on vSAN

This is very important since the power of storage policy is to deliver the right storage performance and other requirements that your VMs need. Veeam needs to make sure that at the restore, the very same policy is applied to the VM — and it does. And the choice to change it is useful, too.

At Veeam, we saw that vSAN was growing and being seen in more of our customers, and as a result, we added in vSAN support to the Veeam Management Pack for Microsoft System Center v8. This support includes approximately 70+ monitors and each of those come with a Knowledge Base article that can help explain when the monitor displays an alert. It provides real-time visualization into critical cluster states and is even part of the very useful Veeam Morning Coffee Dashboard. See below for an example of the vSAN related alarms.

Veeam Backup & Replication is now certified on vSAN

Figure 2. Partial list of vSAN alarms from Veeam SCOM MP

Recently, Veeam was invited to participate in the VMware Ready for vSAN program, new with the launch of VMware vSAN 6.5. Veeam Backup & Replication was tested extensively and we are pleased to say it is certified as VMware Ready for vSAN within the Data Protection category. To learn more about this recent development, please see this KB article as well as Veeam’s listing in the vSAN HCL.

So, the question is, what does this mean? It means if you use Veeam software on vSAN, the Veeam software knows what vSAN is and can work with it the way you need to work with it. This way, you will always be able to restore your VMs!

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Veeam Backup & Replication is now certified on vSAN

The VeeamON 2017 experience

Source: Veeam

The world’s premier Availability event ended two weeks ago, and I truly believe it couldn’t have been more impressive! VeeamON 2017 took place at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and as you’ll see later in some pictures, we painted the city in green.

VeeamON 2017 was an important landmark in the history of Veeam, not due to its size, but due to the value it brought to our partners, customers and to everyone in the Veeam family. We delivered our new vision for how Veeam enables seamless digital life experiences for businesses across the world, and unveiled our new branding — a facelift to our charming identity.


To emphasize the vision I mentioned earlier, at VeeamON we made a few major announcements that will change the game for the digital transformation journey. We revealed the NEW Veeam Backup & Replication v10,  designed to extend the Always-On Cloud Availability Platform to Physical Servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS), Tier-1 applications and mission-critical workloads with NEW Veeam CDP and native object storage support.

We also announced the Veeam Availability for AWS — the industry’s first cloud-native, agentless data protection and Availability solution for AWS applications and data. You can find the complete list of announcements made at VeeamON 2017 here.

Besides the product announcements, there were a plethora of different activities to keep everybody busy: 85+ breakout sessions held by Veeam experts, numerous Vanguard sessions, alliance meetings, main stage keynotes from Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft and VMware, LabWarz competition, Rafflethon and much more. Here are some pictures taken during the conference days:


Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO, talking about how “The Cloud Re-Writes the Rules”


One side of the conference venue in New Orleans, LA


Anton Gostev, VP of Product Management and his trademark breakout session


The Global Product Marketing squad showcasing Veeam Backup & Replication v10

Almost 3,000 attendees joined us for our biggest conference and their feedback was great, but don’t just take my word for it — here is a testimonial video from attendees talking about the Veeam atmosphere.

All in all, VeeamON 2017 was an incredible experience and a great opportunity for networking and learning about industry trends and new Veeam products. If you couldn’t make it to New Orleans this year, mark your calendar for May 14 – 16, 2018 when VeeamON 2018 heads to Chicago. In the meantime, you can see what you missed at VeeamON 2017 here, including key interviews and additional product announcements!

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The VeeamON 2017 experience

Cisco Accelerates Digital Transformation with Enterprise Agreement Launch

Source: Cisco
This is exciting. It has been just over a year since my first blog in which I stated, “To win in today’s market where disruptive startups and agile competitors are advancing on all sides, digitizing the enterprise to infuse greater agility and innovation is critical. This means transforming your operating model, which includes reimagining products […]Cisco Accelerates Digital Transformation with Enterprise Agreement Launch

Win FREE tickets to VMworld 2017!

Source: Veeam

VeeamON 2017 was a big success and a great opportunity to see how virtualization, storage and cloud technologies work together to define the modern data center. This time we want to send you to VMworld 2017, VMware’s most important event.

At VMworld 2017 you will discover the latest innovation and trends of the cloud infrastructure and business mobility technology and interact with subject matter experts, IT professionals and top thought leaders from all around the world.

Veeam is a VMworld 2017 US & Europe Platinum Sponsor and we are giving away 10 FREE, full passes to VMworld 2017, all you need to do to become one of the lucky winners is to go to our website and REGISTER. The full conference pass includes the admission to all general and breakout sessions, VMware Hands-On Labs, Solutions Exchange, special giveaways and the famous VMworld Customer Appreciation Party.

VMworld 2017

While at VMworld 2017, don’t forget to visit the Veeam booth. There will be sessions held by Veeam experts and they will talk about the latest cloud technologies and how to build a comprehensive Availability strategy. You will also learn how to manage and restore data across public, private and hybrid clouds, Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructures, and virtual and physical environments. Veeam is a constant presence at VMworld, and we always enjoy engaging with the IT community through interesting sessions, prizes and networking!

VMworld 2017 respects the tradition of running two dedicated conferences for both the US and Europe. The US event takes place August 27-31, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The European event will kick off two weeks later, on September 11-14 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.

We will announce one winner every week from May 29 to August 4. REGISTER HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! Good luck!

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Win FREE tickets to VMworld 2017!

Update: U.S. Patent and Trade Office Reviews

Source: Cisco
Cisco is pleased that the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (U.S. PTO) upheld the validity of our ‘537 patent, which covers Cisco’s proprietary SysDB technology. ITC enforcement proceedings addressing Arista’s continued infringement on this patent are underway. These enforcement proceedings are a key step in determining whether Arista’s redesigned products continue to use IP copied […]Update: U.S. Patent and Trade Office Reviews