Happy Holidays! Win a FREE trip to a VeeamON 2018 event

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This has been a remarkable year in Veeam’s history, one in which we received recognition from the world’s leading analysts, as well as the confirmation of different industries’ leaders in terms of customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering the #1 Availability for any app, any data on any cloud and our customers are at the core of our innovation efforts.

Therefore, we are grateful to all of you for being with Veeam and, in the holiday spirit, we are happy to offer six lucky winners a fully paid trip to a VeeamON 2018 event organized in your respective region. All you have to do is to REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE for a chance to WIN! A fully paid trip to a VeeamON 2018 event includes round-trip flights, accommodation in a top-rated hotel near the event venue and full access to the event.

VeeamON 2018: It’s all about Availability

At the VeeamON 2018 event series you will live the full Availability experience: Discover the latest Availability trends from Veeam experts and industry visionaries, take your knowledge to the next level through the breakout sessions and find out first about new products in our portfolio. Moreover, VeeamON sites are the right place to connect with IT pro fellows and Veeam-valued sponsors and partners. For more details about our VeeamON events, please check: VeeamON Chicago, VeeamON Forum EMEA and VeeamON Forum Sydney.

On behalf of everyone at Veeam, I wish all of you, Happy Holidays! May you have a happy new year filled with health, peace, prosperity and Availability.

Happy Holidays!

Giveaway conditions

This is a global campaign, meaning everybody from around the world is eligible to participate. The registration deadline is Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017. You don’t want to miss it! We will randomly select six lucky winners and announce them on a weekly basis. Make sure you get all the updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Happy Holidays! Win a FREE trip to a VeeamON 2018 event

How to avoid vSAN compatibility issues and be sure your SureBackup is a success

Source: Veeam

Hello from Veeam Support!

Recently, a customer contacted us with the very curious case. The SureBackup job was failing with the generic error message during snapshot creation phase: “The specified feature is not supported by this version.” There were several VMs included in the SureBackup job, but only one specific VM failed. Moreover, the source backup job itself worked perfectly, including the affected VM.

Isolating the issue

As this is a generic error message, it could have several reasons to appear. For example, the Free ESXi version has some limitations and therefore is not supported. However, we were sure that the version of ESXi was not Free, because other VMs were processing just fine in a SureBackup job, as well as the affected VM in a regular backup job.

As we have already stated before, that issue persisted only for one specific VM, so the first step was to find what was so special about this exact machine. At the very first glance, the main difference for this machine (let’s call it VM01) was its size — it was significantly bigger in size than others with one of its disks more than 2TB.

Keeping that fact in mind, we referred to the Veeam Backup & Replication task log file:


[timestamp] <56> Info     [VimApi] Create snapshot, ref "vm-12345", name "VEEAM_SUREBACKUP_SNAPSHOT", description "", memory "False", quiesce "False"

[timestamp] <56> Error    An error occurred while taking a snapshot: The specified feature is not supported by this version.

[timestamp] <56> Error    CreateSnapshot failed, vmRef vm-12345, timeout 1800000, snName VEEAM_SUREBACKUP_SNAPSHOT, snDescription , memory False, quiesce False (System.Exception)

[18.09.2017 18:17:18] <56> Error       at Veeam.Backup.ViSoap.CSoapConnection.CreateSnapshot(String vmRef, Int32 timeout, String name, String description, Boolean memory, Boolean quiesce)

[timestamp] <56> Error       at Veeam.Backup.SureBackup.Operations.CSnapshotVmEngine.InternalProcess()

[timestamp] <56> Error       at Veeam.Backup.SureBackup.Operations.CSnapshotVmEngine.Process()

[timestamp] <56> Error    The operation is not supported on the object. (Veeam.Backup.ViSoap.ViServiceFaultException)

[timestamp] <56> Error    VimApi.NotSupported

[timestamp] <56> Error       at Veeam.Backup.ViSoap.CSoapService.ExecuteAndWaitForCompletion(IServiceOperationAsync operation, Nullable`1 timeout)

[timestamp] <56> Error       at Veeam.Backup.ViSoap.CSoapConnection.CreateSnapshot(String vmRef, Int32 timeout, String name, String description, Boolean memory, Boolean quiesce)


Honestly speaking, it wasn’t really helpful at that moment but one thing was clear — according to the error stack, the message was generated by VMware vSphere API.

Always check VMware logs

That is why we decided to check the VMware log files and figure out the possible reason for such behavior. To make our search easier, we just used the error string as a search query and here we go:


timestamp info hostd[XXXX] [XXXX sub=DiskLib opID=XXXXX-XX-XXXXX user=vpxuser:DOMAINNAME] DISKLIB-LIB_CLONE : Could not get default Object Type for seSparse - The specified feature is not supported by this version:24.

timestamp info hostd[XXXXXX] [XXXX sub=Libs opID=XXXXX-XX-XXXXX user=vpxuser:DOMAINNAME] SNAPSHOT: SnapshotBranchDisk: Failed to branch disk: '/vmfs/volumes/XXXXXX-XXXX/XX_XXXX/vmdk_name.vmdk' -> '/vmfs/volumes/vSAN:XXXXXX-XXXXXXX/SureBackup/XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX/vmdk_name-000001.vmdk' : The specified feature is not supported by this version (24)


The first thing that draws our attention is that the error message contained a specific disk name. We checked and that was the large disk (> 2TB) VMDK we saw before.

We also saw a mention of seSparse disk type (space-efficient sparse format), which reminded us that VMware vSphere is using seSparse format instead of VMFS-deltas (vmfssparse) when making a snapshot for disks larger than 2TB (see VMware KB 2058287).

From this moment, we knew the issue was somehow related to the seSparse redo logs disk type, but it didn’t explain what was exactly unsupported until we remembered one important detail — the original VM and SureBackup virtual lab were located on vSAN datastore. It’s a well-known fact that SureBackup is using Veeam vPower NFS store to raise VMs from it, but redo logs for SureBackup VMs are redirected to the production datastore (which is vSAN in our case):


[timestamp] <56> Info     [SureBackup] [VM01] [ReconfigVm] [Line 104] workingDir = "/vmfs/volumes/vSAN:XXXXXX-XXXXXXX/SureBackup/XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

[timestamp] <56> Info     [SureBackup] [VM01] [ReconfigVm] [Line 105] snapshot.redoNotWithParent = "TRUE"


Basically, we had a heterogeneous VMs storage configuration with basic disks located on NFS datastore and redo logs located on vSAN. As this was working flawlessly for all the machines other than VM01, we concluded that there was something wrong between seSparse and vSAN compatibility.

Fast searching lead us to VMware vSAN documentation with the following statement: “Virtual SAN does not support SE Sparse disks.”

You may notice that documentation is related to vSphere v5.5, and in our case the vSphere version was 6.0. We contacted VMware and confirmed that the limitation still exists, even for 6.0 and 6.5.

At this point, the puzzle pieces fit into one big picture — you couldn’t have a parent disk on NFS/VMFS storage and a seSparse redo log on vSAN as snapshot inherits the VMFS_ type as per VMware documentation.

You could ask why are backups working fine on vSAN for large (> 2TB) disks if seSparse is not supported by vSAN? That’s simple – the VMware hypervisor is using VSANSPARSE redo logs type while creating a snapshot for machines with a parent disk located on vSAN.

Useful notes to keep in mind:

  • VSANSPARSE are created on vSAN disks
  • VMFS_sparse or seSparse are created on regular VMFS disks depending on disk size or VMFS version (snapshots on VMFS6 will be seSparse regardless of size)
  • During redirect on another datastore, the snapshot disk type is inherited from the parent disk type.


We suggested the virtual lab migrate to a non-vSAN datastore. Therefore, the type of snapshot remains the same during redirection.

The same issue can be encountered when having VMs on vSAN and running instant recovery for VMs with large disks (> 2TB). And the same solution is valid for the instant recovery snapshot redirection.


Based on our research, it turned out that the above scenario covers more than instant recovery and SureBackup issues — in some cases, even hot-add mode will not work. You need to attentively check the types of datastores and snapshots that are used during the operation so you can avoid unsupported setup.

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How to avoid vSAN compatibility issues and be sure your SureBackup is a success

Beyond backup – Three ways Veeam and Pure Storage drive a higher ROI for IT

Source: Veeam

For many IT decision makers, flash is strictly for critical business applications. So, it would seem a no-brainer for many organizations to consider flash for backup and recovery workloads. Perhaps it’s time to think differently.

What if there was a more modular way to deploy flash that would enable organizations to reap the same operational benefits for backup as they’ve already enjoyed in their production application environments? Such as increased data center efficiencies through massive storage consolidation, predictable scale-out performance capabilities and increased IT management simplicity.

Moreover, with more organizations running in an Always-On environment, there is an increasing need for solutions that enable the rapid recovery of critical applications and data from ultra-fast backup storage resources like flash.

These are excellent reasons for using flash for backup and recovery workloads, however, Veeam and Pure Storage can further sweeten the ROI pot to make this more of a no-brainer for financial decision makers.

In addition to accelerating backup and recovery, reducing data center footprint, simplifying IT operational management and dramatically improving application SLAs, Veeam combined with Pure Storage FlashBlade enable businesses to get a higher return on their IT investments.

How? By enabling organizations to leverage their investments in backup infrastructure to support several additional business use cases beyond backup:

  1. Enhanced business agility: Rapidly orchestrate the creation of VMs and data directly from the Veeam backup repository on FlashBlade to provide developers with a high-performance dev/test environment that is totally isolated from production. This helps increase business agility while lowering the costs associated with dedicated dev/test infrastructure and/or the cost of using public cloud resources.
  2. Hybrid cloud backup: Many organizations are looking to the public cloud to lower backup and DR costs. Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) paired with FlashBlade enables organizations to replicate backup data to the public cloud for cost effective off-site backup and DR. Businesses get the best of both worlds – rapid recoveries of critical data from local flash and cheap/deep storage for low cost backup in the cloud.
  3. Data Analytics: Many organizations take multiple backups throughout the course of the business day. Why not leverage this data to perform data analytics? Veeam can be used to non-disruptively move backup data to FlashBlade and end users can run their queries off super-fast flash resources to get the actionable insight they need to support the business.

Veeam and Pure Storage are making flash a viable option for backup and recovery workloads by enhancing application recovery SLAs, dramatically reducing data center footprint, simplifying IT and allowing customers to leverage their backup data across multiple use cases beyond backup.

This in turn enables organizations to get a higher return on their investments in backup infrastructure, save money and enhance business agility.

Learn more about Veeam and Pure Storage solutions.

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Beyond backup – Three ways Veeam and Pure Storage drive a higher ROI for IT

NEW Veeam Availability Console – #1 Cloud Backup and DRaaS for Service Providers

Source: Veeam

Last year we announced Veeam Managed Backup Portal, exclusive to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This Azure-based solution was well received among Veeam’s managed service provider (MSP) and value-added reseller (VAR) communities. This enabled the delivery of remote monitoring and management to their customers’ Veeam Backup & Replication environments. Veeam Managed Backup Portal came with zero connectivity requirements between the MSP and their customer, and minus having an Azure subscription, there were minimal upfront costs, making these new recurring revenue streams even more profitable.

Based on your feedback, the top feature requests were:

  • Support for centralized Veeam backup agent deployment, management, monitoring and reporting
  • More flexible installation options, including on-premises and the public cloud
  • RESTful API for automating data protection management, configuration and billing

Veeam’s R&D team has been hard at work and today we’re releasing the next evolution of Veeam Managed Backup Portal — Veeam Availability Console.

What is Veeam Availability Console?

Veeam Availability Console is a cloud-enabled, multi-tenant platform that delivers everything a service provider needs to deploy, manage and monitor their customers’ Veeam environments — virtual, physical or cloud-based — no matter where they reside. There’s no doubt that Veeam Availability Console is a powerful solution for service providers, but equally powerful for the large, distributed enterprise.

Veeam Availability Console empowers service providers and distributed enterprises with these primary capabilities:

  • Simplified setup — either on-premises or in the cloud
  • Remote backup agent management and monitoring
  • Remote discovery and deployment with enhanced support for Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Web-based multi-tenant portal
  • RESTful API and native billing

Veeam Availability Console for Service Providers

Veeam has a network of more than 16,000 Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners that are currently monetizing Veeam Cloud Connect Backup as a Service (BaaS) and/or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to their customers’ virtualized environments, with zero connectivity requirements due to Veeam’s cloud gateway technology. This core Veeam Cloud Connect capability is responsible for receiving external connections from customers and tunneling the traffic over a single TCP/UDP port 6180 (no complex firewall rules to manage), secured by a TLS connection and SSL certificate. Veeam Availability Console simply plugs into either an existing or brand new Veeam Cloud Connect deployment with these minimum requirements.

  1. 64-bit – Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 / Windows 7 SP1 or later
  2. Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 2 or later
 Tip: If you’re new to Veeam Cloud Connect, check out the Veeam Cloud Connect Reference Architecture.

The diagram below shows a service provider infrastructure (left) running Veeam Availability Console for Service Providers within their data center which utilizes their Veeam Cloud Connect 9.5 Update 2 environment to receive data through the Cloud Gateway. It’s a best practice to deploy multiple cloud gateways with at least an N+1 design, allowing for full redundancy ensuring you’re always connected to the customer.

Veeam Availability Console

Whenever the customer is adding their service provider (using the credentials provided) within their Veeam Backup & Replication console, they will need to make sure that they allow it to be managed by the service provider.

Veeam Availability Console

Remote monitoring and management

In Veeam Availability Console’s multi-tenant user interface, both the service provider as well as the customer will be able to see in real-time the exact status of their environment. This management includes the ability to remotely start and stop all Veeam job types including backup, replication, backup copy and backup to tape. Also provided is the ability to download the log files from the remote Veeam Backup & Replication Server. This is an awesome capability that allows for remote troubleshooting on behalf of the customer. One of the coolest features is the ability to remotely access the Veeam shell. If you recall, this feature was added to Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 2 — and the development team has also added this functionality to Veeam Availability Console.

Veeam Availability Console

What about machines that are not being protected, jobs that have not completed successfully or repository’s low on capacity? These issues can be troublesome to locate if you’re not watching the environment daily. Veeam Availability Console ships with an alarm engine that will notify administrators and customers when things go awry. Veeam Availability Console includes more than 30 predefined alarms that monitor the many different Veeam components – users can even have Veeam Availability Console execute PowerShell or batch file when an alarm fires. The “Computers Not Protected” will alarm whenever there’s discovered computers that are not being protected. There’s even built-in reports that will be delivered to your email box.

Veeam Availability Console

Remote agent discovery and deployment

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 2.0 has seen massive adoption since its release earlier this year. During this timeframe, we have seen immense interest from VCSP partners who’d like to offer centralized management of their customers’ backup environment for these agent deployments. Veeam Availability Console provides the mechanism to remotely discover Windows-based servers – physical or cloud-based – as well as workstations, regardless of where they’re deployed. Veeam Agent for Linux support will be added in a subsequent release.

Remote discovery is automatically performed by a master agent that’s based on either network IP address range, Active Directory or .CSV file. Once the computers are discovered, it is very easy to push out the Veeam backup agent software – regardless of location or connection. Portal administrators can control their agent backup policies also. These policies control what gets backed up, how frequently, etc. There is no limit to the amount of backup policies that can exist within a Veeam Availability Console deployment, so you can deliver on specific service level agreements (SLAs) on a per-customer, or even on a per-instance basis.

Veeam Availability Console


Veeam Availability Console is driven on an API-based architecture that allows for the automation of the common data protection management, configuration and billing tasks that your customers demand. Veeam Availability Console ships with a JSON-based RESTful API that will plug into your existing portal applications and workflows to give your customers the same consistent user experience they’re used to. A great example of leveraging this new API is integrating Veeam Availability Console data with your existing portal and in-place billing systems. Now if you’re new to the cloud provider arena, don’t sweat – Veeam Availability Console includes an out-of-the-box native billing system for those that don’t have an existing billing framework in place.

Veeam Availability Console provides an easy way to visualize, explore and interact with the API framework via the Swagger UI. Many of our VCSP partners that have been participating in the beta program have been testing and providing great feedback – I expect this API to be used by many of our VCSP partners and we look forward to seeing work with its possibilities!

The image below displays the billing summary which is available through the Veeam Availability Console web UI. Customers can also retrieve their invoices directly through the web UI or via email too.

Veeam Availability Console


Customers and departments need to be able to access their resources too. Veeam Availability Console provides not only an administrator experience, but also a customer/tenant experience as well. Customers can control their backup file decryption key – very important when we’re talking about cloud-based backups. Veeam Availability Console allows customers to manage their Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, and create additional user accounts or retrieve invoices from anywhere there is a web browser. There’s even support for touch screen devices.

Veeam Availability Console

Already using Veeam Managed Backup Portal?

For service providers that have been using Veeam Managed Backup Portal, Veeam’s awesome R&D team has built a migration tool to get you started with Veeam Availability Console quickly and easily! This wizard driven utility enables you to migrate all your data from Veeam Managed Backup Portal, with the option to reuse your existing Veeam Cloud Connect server, or a fresh installation. The entire process is documented in detail at the Veeam Help Center.

Veeam Availability Console

Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise

Veeam Availability Console comes in an Enterprise flavor as well – Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise – designed for distributed enterprises operating and managing local and remote Veeam environments on scale, just like a service provider would. If you’re a large enterprise customer and would like to try out Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise, reach out to your Veeam representative to get your FREE copy.

The wrap up

Veeam Availability Console was designed and purpose built for service providers looking for an efficient yet powerful console to manage all their customers distributed Veeam workloads – whether they’re virtual, physical or cloud-based. To familiarize yourself with the product, a FREE 30-day trial is available to service providers directly from

Please share your comments below and be sure to head over to the Veeam Community Forum and share your feedback with the rest of the community.


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NEW Veeam Availability Console – #1 Cloud Backup and DRaaS for Service Providers

New tech features, business models and financing options help fast-track smart city initiatives worldwide

Source: Cisco
Building Momentum for Cisco Kinetic for Cities As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we’ve renamed our connected digital platform and smart solutions to Cisco Kinetic for Cities to fortify our alignment internally and deliver even better outcomes for our customers. What could be better than having more great minds and additional budgets focusing on city […]New tech features, business models and financing options help fast-track smart city initiatives worldwide

Veeam Vanguard nominations are now open for 2018!

Source: Veeam

As we close out 2017, one of the things my team and I enjoy most are to open nominations for the Veeam Vanguard Program. The Vanguard program is Veeam’s influencer program that gathers individuals who, above all, just get what we do. We have Vanguards from all over the world from different technical backgrounds, and you can be the next one.

Veeam Vanguard Program

The 2018 program will grow the number of Vanguards by location, by areas of expertise and by how individuals interact. I like to explain the Vanguard program as an opportunity, an opportunity to have access to my team, product betas, briefings and many other benefits that are central to the program. Also, central to the Vanguard program is the annual Vanguard Experience. This year, it was a trip to VeeamON in New Orleans, last year a Vanguard symposium in London and more surprises are in store for 2018.

Veeam Vanguard Program

Nominate yourself or someone you know for the Veeam Vanguard award. Please note, nominations will be accepted until Friday, Dec. 29. Here are a few comments from existing Vanguards:

“Having been part of an amazing community program with Microsoft for the past eight years, the “MVP Program,” I can say that the Veeam Vanguard program is undoubtedly my favorite that I am a part of. I have the luxury of being able to compare programs from other vendors, and Veeam just did it right. They have kept the group small and focused and give us the direction and interaction with the product teams that we need.   Unlike other programs, the Vanguards have a “voice” within Veeam and they listen keenly to our constructive feedback. The program, benefit, and such are just a small part of this award. The single best part for me has been meeting all of the other like-minded community influences that love backup technologies from around the world.   With all due respect to the other technical communities out there, Veeam is #1 in my books.” Dave Kawula, Canada.

“The Veeam Vanguard program is the influencer program that all the rest should look up to. Its team-like approach to membership selection has led to a group that truly works together to not only improve our own careers but the products Veeam offers as well without emphasizing the marketing aspect.” @K00lAidIT on Twitter.

“The Veeam Vanguard program — being the first influencer program I have the pleasure of being part of — I was not sure what to expect. What I have found are people both at Veeam and fellow Vanguards who go out of their way to help each other out. It’s not just about the product, it’s about sharing ideas and real-world experience. Feeling like we can help shape Veeam’s future product lines is a great privilege. I now consider many people involved in this program as my friends. If a bar was to be set for advocacy / influencer programs, this bar was set very high.” Ian Sanderson, UK.

“Although classified as an influencer program, the Veeam Vanguard program is so much more than that. Yes, there are perks, but the value comes from the people. The folks who make up the Vanguards are there for a reason — they always bring their A game. These are some of the smartest folks in the industry, who are always willing to lend a helping hand. In return, the Veeam Team offers unparalleled insight and openness into their technologies and roadmaps and routinely seeks feedback, good and bad. This is one of the few groups I have been a part of that has not only forced me, but encouraged me to up my personal game.” Matt Crape, Canada.

“Being a Veeam Vanguard, besides the personal recognition, is like having a really smart, diverse and experienced group of colleagues by your side while you go about your job. The collective experience and knowledge of the group is impressive, and, most importantly, they share that in various ways with the community.” Didier Von Hoye, Belgium

The Vanguard Program is also a global, multi-language program. Here is one comment from Jorge de la Cruz:

“El programa de Comunidad de Veeam llamado Veeam Vanguards es uno de esos pocos grupos que todos conocen el nombre de todos los demás, donde además se hace un esfuerzo tremendo por el fabricante por reunirnos un par de veces al año, sin importar la ubicación, y donde además se tiene acceso a diferentes departamentos de la empresa como son Product, Product Strategy e incluso Marketing. Ser Veeam Vanguard es un honor, que además se acompaña con betas y previews antes de salir al mercado, relaciones sanas entre los participantes, y mucho intercambio de información entre los agraciados.”

It’s natural to have a few questions on this type of program, so I’ve created a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who can apply to be a Vanguard? Anyone active in a technology community.

Can Veeam employees be awarded Vanguard status? No, but employees can nominate persons for consideration.

What criteria are needed to be awarded Vanguard status? The criteria are decided by our team that looks across communities to find the persons who embody our brand the best.

How will nominees be notified of the result? The Product Strategy team (my staff and I) are going to review the nominations after the registration closes, and then we will deliberate the results. Look for communication either way after that.

I encourage you to apply using this link. If you see a Vanguard in the wild, let us know!

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Veeam Vanguard nominations are now open for 2018!