Our Commitment to Address Homelessness in Rome

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One of the most important things we all need – and deserve – is a place to call home. A place we can settle into, spend time with our families, relax, rest, rejuvenate. But simply having a place to call home is not only out of reach for so many here in Silicon Valley, where Cisco has its headquarters, but for so many around the world.

In Europe, homelessness is on the rise. Countries across the continent have seen large increases in the number of people who are homeless. In Italy, the issue takes on big proportions, as well – in 2014 (the last year for which data is available), over 50,000 people were homeless. Four out of ten homeless people in Italy have been living on the streets for more than four years, and 30% of them were young.

Addressing homelessness – and helping those in need – is an imperative for all of us, especially those of us who have the ability to make a difference. At Cisco, we take that imperative close to heart – taking on big challenges and doing what we can to make an impact are core to we are. In March 2018, we announced our commitment to Destination: Home, a San Jose-based public-private partnership which has demonstrated that providing permanent housing to chronically homeless people gives them the stability they need to change the trajectory of their lives.

We believe strongly in that Housing First approach, which is considered a best practice in solving for homelessness. Housing First prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, coupled with the supportive services needed to help individuals get back on their feet and improve their quality of life.

To further our efforts in making an impact, I am proud that this week we are announcing a commitment of $1 million over four years to support a Housing First pilot in Rome with Comunità di Sant’Egidio, an organization that for 50 years has addressed poverty in Italy and in other countries around the world. Sant’Egidio has a long history of focusing on the homeless and poor, and with their dedication to making a difference, they are an ideal partner for us. We will also work closely with fio.PSD, which manages the Housing First Italia network.

Sant’Egidio will be responsible for providing the housing and supportive services to the homeless individuals, and fio.PSD will provide the appropriate guidelines, training, and monitoring and evaluation to share best practices, and track progress to ensure a successful pilot.

Housing First is gaining traction in Europe and Italy, but the approach has not been tested in Rome. We see our funds as a catalytic investment that will enable two well-established organizations with deep expertise in homelessness to test a new approach and serve as a model for others, ultimately using learnings to replicate and scale the approach throughout Rome.

We are also committed to helping these two partners with a technology investment – our team in Italy will work closely with these two organizations to supply them with the technology they need to speed and scale their operations.

We will also be integrating our Networking Academy training program into Sant’Egidio’s offering of training for the underserved population they serve, and we are committed to helping Sant’Egidio with job training and placement of graduates to jobs in the IT field in Italy. Our Networking Academies play a key role in providing those who seek an education and access the tools and skills they need to find employment, and we are excited to support those who need to get back on their feet get the housing and education support they need.

Lastly, none of these efforts would be possible without the passion of those who want to help, and Cisco has some of the most passionate employees. We have set a company-wide goal that by 2020, we will have 80% of our employees around the world giving time and resources to make a difference, and Italy is committed to being the first country to meet this target. The Cisco Italy team is committing to 5,000 volunteer hours by end of this year. Employees will volunteer their time to efforts across Italy – both skills-based volunteering, with engineers lending a hand to help with tech installations, and through work at shelters.

I am excited to see how our commitment to building bridges between hope and possibility extends through Rome. My hope is that with this commitment, we will see more people gain a home, and the ability to truly better their lives.

Our Commitment to Address Homelessness in Rome

Cisco Welcomes Stella Low as SVP and Chief Communications Officer

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Every company today is going through a transformation and Cisco is no different. I believe that what has helped us throughout has been the power of communications – frequent, authentic and transparent communications. This principle is incredibly important to me both internally and externally and has served us well. I am incredibly proud of what our teams have accomplished for our customers and communities around the world, and we are honored to share the work that we do.

Today, I was thrilled to announce to the Cisco team that Stella Low will be joining Cisco as our new SVP and Chief Communications Officer. Stella is an exceptional communicator and leader and will serve as a member of my Executive Leadership Team. Given the strategic importance of communications in this digital age and our belief in transparency, how and when we share our story will be a key factor in our future, the success of our customers, and the impact we will have around the world.

Below is the note I shared with our team at Cisco. I am so honored to welcome Stella to the team.


Hi Team,

You’ve heard me say many times how proud I am of what we have accomplished together over the past few years. We have driven game-changing innovation for our customers, evolved our business model and made Cisco a top place to work all around the world. We have an incredible story – shaped by all of you – which is why I’m excited to welcome Stella Low, our new SVP and Chief Communications Officer (CCO), to Cisco and my Executive Leadership Team.

I’m particularly excited for Stella to join our team, not only because of her breadth of expertise in technology communications, but also for her passion for great storytelling, building strong communities and her inclusive, solutions-oriented approach. She knows that the best teams are diverse teams that come together to drive business results and success for our people.

Stella joins us most recently from Dell Technologies where she served as SVP and head of global communications after Dell’s acquisition of EMC. She had previously served as EMC’s head of communications and, prior to that, led EMEA PR and Communications for EMC. She has held various marketing and communications roles in both large and small companies as well as founded her own communications firm.

As our new CCO, Stella will be responsible for shaping our story and reputation in the market. She and the communications team will drive one connected story spanning our business, our technology and our culture with an emphasis on simplicity and innovation. It is critical that we are able to share our strategy and our story both internally and externally, and Stella will be focused on impactful ways to share the great work that we do.

Originally from the UK, Stella has been working her way west. After moving from London to Boston six years ago, Stella and her husband and daughter are relocating to the Bay Area along with their two toy poodles, Pebbles and Bam Bam.

I’m thrilled that Stella will be joining us starting today. I am confident she will be an incredibly valuable member of our team and I look forward to her expertise and counsel. Please join me in welcoming Stella to Cisco, and thank you, as always, for all that you do for Cisco!



Cisco Welcomes Stella Low as SVP and Chief Communications Officer

Fueling Mexico’s Economic Transformation

Source: Cisco
Mexico is rapidly becoming one of Latin America’s economic success stories. With a thriving manufacturing hub and a fast-growing IT industry, Mexico is clearly a significant economy in Latin America and an economic lighthouse for the region. At Cisco, we’re proud to play a role in helping drive Mexico’s continued economic transformation. We started operations […]Fueling Mexico’s Economic Transformation